Classes We Offer

Hot Warrior

Our Hot Warrior is an All Levels class moving through classical Hatha postures icluding deep stretches in a heated.

Hatha Warrior

A dynamic class exploring traditional Hatha postures with a strong emphasis on alignment and breath to movement. Expect long holds in postures. This class is adaptable to all levels.

Gentle Warrior

Our Signature Warrior flow is ideal for all levels. Expect fun transition & the exploration of classical postures with a focus on alignment. This is a great starter class to build strength and flexibility in mind & body.


Ashtanga is the Sanskrit word for the eight branches of yoga. This pactice is for those seeking a rigidly structured and dynamic practice. A physically demanding practice for those in need of discipline and dedication.


Kundalini Yoga known as the yoga of awareness, Kundalini is a rejuvenating, energizing and healing practice both physically and emotionally.

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