Anastasia took her first yoga class a few years back. At the time it seemed to be the perfect pairing with her daily gym routine. Soon after, taking two yoga classes turned into three then four then five. Yoga became an every day practice for Ana who says that it changed her perspective on life, her values and the relationship with herself and others.

She decided to take the leap by completing her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Bali.


Her aim as a teacher is to create a nurturing space for students, to open up their bodies and minds through a carefully crafted, even-paced flow, guiding her students to cultivate self-love and self-care through yoga. Ana teaches hot, gentle and power vinyasa.


Her favorite style of practice is power vinyasa, where one can express the love for dance, movement with breath, manifesting beauty of the body and opening the mind to infinite possibilities.

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