Laila has been practicing and studying yoga extensively since 2005. From the onset, she immediately understood that yoga is not just a physical practice but a blue print for leading a more meaningful, present and healthy existence, embodying all this precious life has to offer.

Laila started teaching in 2007 in the Middle East and since then has taught in several countries, Germany, China, Canada and Oman. Laila also leads a number of international retreats annually. She completed her 500 hours with her primary teachers, Sarah and Ty Powers, founders of the Insight Yoga Institute in San Francisco, with whom she has been studying for 11 years.


This unique program interweaves Buddhism, Yoga and Transpersonal Psychology. She has been dedicated to this program because of its wholeness and depth. Laila has also completed her teacher training in Mindfulness with Martin Aylward and Mark Coleman at The Mindfulness Training Institute which is accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.

Combining soft Yin and strong Yang components while teaching, Laila motivates students to feel their individual edge through the awareness of breath and mindfulness to guide her students to be fully conscious in the present experience of the body, heart and mind.

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